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Our orders were simple: scout and return. Confront only if you must.
Our orders were for orcs. Orcs attack up front, charging into battle in hordes to overwhelm their enimies quickly.
We did not expect to be ambushed by goblins and bugbears.
We returned to camp with one less in our group then when we left.
New orders awaited us upon our return as well. Scouts reported that the goblinoid tribs were uniting, forming an army that could crush the already weakened Sellador if they were alowed to come together. Bugbears were heading this new movement, so we were sent off the mountians once again.
It seems that last year Sir Roven and his compainions slew a Black Dragon in the mountians North of Khrunos-Dur, and Larzeks, a bugbear friend of theirs was petrified by some monster there. We were sent with an ointment that would return him to flesh, so that he could return to his tribe and calm them once more.
On the way to Tuallen, we were ambushed again. This time, the woman warrior Nightblade fell to the swords of hobgoblins. I too, almost met my end there. John Trapper came through for us once again, fighting fiercly, and killing the remaining hobgoblins by himself.
Once we reached Tuallen, we took a well deseved rest. Aproched by a young thief (she could be nothing else) we found another added to our rag tag band of compainions. She seems to mean well, even if her methods leave a little to be desiered. We set off with the sunrise for the lair of Krezix, and I can only hope that on this journey, we all make it home safely. The deaths of so many in the recent battle with the orcs, and now two souls put under my charge weigh heavy on my heart. I will not let another die in my place; this I swear.
May Aesia guide our steps and our hearts.

From the journal of Arron Silverpalm

Contributor: Jacob McDonald