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Mavric The Mad
Eccentric alchemist and crazy old man
Mavric The Mad makes his home in Allstone, in a shop sitting on a side street off of the main market place, near the mage quarter. The street outside the door is marred with small craters, blast marks, and strange plants growing out of the stone, a tribute to the potions and oils he hurls out the door when he has no further need of them, or he forgets what they do.
Catering to spell casters and warriors alike, Mavric has a massive stock of magical items and scrolls. His true passion however, lies in his potion making skill. He is known by wizards throughout Sellador and Gideon for his skill in making just about any kind of potion one could need, including healing potions, and for selling them at a fair price.
The only other thing of note in Mavric's shop is his Great Raven Kakel. An unknown number of years old, the intelligent bird is known to squawk curses at any who come to close to it's perch, and it often has long animated screaming matches with Mavric himself, who claims to be waiting eagerly for the day when the 'blasted feather duster kicks it.'
Mavric always seems to know when the people who grace his shop are in dire need of help, and has been known to 'accidentally' slip in a few extra scrolls or potions in someones order, or to outright give them powerful magical devices, claiming he has no further use for them, and that they're useless any way.
In the past few years, another wizard, this one younger (he looks to be in his 50s) and far less insane than the old man, has started tending the counter at Mavric's shop. When asked his name, he will say he is Mavric the Mad, even as the old man stands right next to him and says that HE is Mavric the Mad. The younger man claims to be the aged wizard's son, but most believe the likelihood of any woman coming anywhere near Mavric is so laughable that this must be a falsehood.
The people of Allstone may not always be thrilled to have him living next door, but they wouldn't trade the mad old wizard for anything. One thing is always certain when dealing with Mavric The Mad; it will be an adventure worth remembering.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Tuallen

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald