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Sitting By A Small Fire
Journal 03 of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear

It is most interesting having met these people finally. Well, almost met them. Mostly I watched the river here scoop them up and carry them up-stream to safety from the gold dragon that all but killed them on this night. Iím not entirely sure what it is that they could have done to draw such attention to themselves, but a gold dragon commanding two blues in battle is not something you see every day. In fact, Iím fairly certain that had I not done my best to distract the two blues with my constructs, they may not have survived the night.

So I sit here, on the side of the riverbank, watching over these new friends as they lay unconscious, doing my best to keep them alive and comfortable. I was definitely correct in my thought that they were in need of help; however, I never thought that they were in such danger. Iím certainly wondering as to whether-or-not I should leave now before I get too involved. Alas, Uraj would never allow me to do such a thing.

As I await them to begin to awake, Iíve been studying the crystal that the human woman whom they call Anwar is carrying upon her breast. I thought of taking it from her briefly, so as that I wouldnít have to do this from afar, but I am not a thief. Perhaps if I can gain their trust they will allow me to study one of them, so that I wonít have to waste my powers to study only the auras alone. Iím sure that if I could just touch one of them that I could commune with it. Learn its secrets. As it is, my true-sight is making this a painful endeavor.

Iím just afraid that they may ask too many questions, as I still do not know what I will tell them. One of them, Telariel, appears to be a druidess. Will she know, as my beloved did, what I am? I suppose I will have to cross that bridge when I come upon it.

Associated Regions: Curmeah
From the journal of Nyran Galanodel

Contributor: Drew Butler