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Guild Of Night
Who knows what terrors stalk the night?
Formerly the group called The Guild of Night was made up of the elite members of the Lich King Nolugar The Reaver's inner cirlce and were known as the his eyes, ears, and hands throughout the world. After his defeat, they faded into obscurity, most of their powerful leaders having been slain in the final battle.
Recently, rumors have started flying around the Free Nations of an assassin's guild calling themselves The Guild of Night, and one must wonder if it's the remnents of the Lich King's army, or another group using the name to spread fear and terror throughout the world.

Members of the Guild Of Night have included Carel Sorrowsinger, Lady Deathgiver, Lenora Pyrotor, Orinaka Yensun, Zecks

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald