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Carel Sorrowsinger
Dirgesinger of darkness.
Carel began life with the surname Soulsinger, but soon fell on hard times and was pushed to the point of near suicidal depression. He found that the magics he could work through his music became more and more deadly and evil the more he poured his sorrow into the music he sang. Just as he was about to end his life, and agent of the Lich King found him, and he has since moved up in the ranks of The Reaver's armies to hold a place of power among the Guild Of Night. Finding all the glory and respect he ever wanted there Carel has become twisted and evil in the extream.
Carel's life was ended in a battle with Sir Roven of Truendor and his compainions. He was not raised as a zombie.

Alignment: NE
Race: Human
Carel Sorrowsinger is a member of the Guild Of Night

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald