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Journey To Alwayeth
Ashe 23, 3001 AA

Tomorrow I depart for Alwayeth to investigate reports of supernatural activity there. It may indicate the interference of an outside force.

Normally the mythal would bar any such activity, but as its strength begins to waver more and more reports are coming back to us, via the guide, of new activity.

Ashe 24
Kellevarus and I have arrived in Alwayeth. Our journey through the portal was a bit rough; I fear that as more time passed the portal may simply cease to function altogether. It is imperative that what remains of our high mages find a way to reinforce it; with the loss of the libraries of Thanandir this task will prove to be very difficult.

Tomorrow we shall venture to the mainland and begin our investigation.

Ashe 26, 3001 AA

Inquiry amongst the local populace has revealed the presence of a werewolf. The creature must have come over with one of the recent shipwrecks. The mythal should be suppressing its ability to change its shape, but evidence points to the contrary.

Ashe 27, 3001 AA

Kellevarus has postulated that the creatureís continued ability to change its shape might be due to the weakening of the mythal. Druids can, naturally, change their shape here. This functionality was built into the mythal in order to aid the observation of the local populace. Kellevarus believes that this exception has expanded with the failing of the mythalís power, allowing the werewolf to change shape as well.

Ashe 28, 3001 AA

Last night, using the guide as our scout, we cornered the beast in an alley while it was about to finish its meal of a human male and female, but unfortunately it got away. Luckily, neither Kellevarus nor myself were bitten, although only the female survived the attack, and she seems to be in bad shape. Kellevarus insisted on taking the creature to the humanís healer. He left her unconscious body in their doorstep, knocked, and hid away in the shadows lest he be discovered. Personally I feel that we should have finished her off in the alley; it may have been the more merciful thing to do, not to mention that the female might reveal our presence to the humans.

Aesiaís Day

This morning around sunrise my ability to detect magic sputtered to life for a few minutes; yet more evidence of our great need to reinforce the mythal.

Terra 1

I have little time to write this, as I am hiding from the human militia forces. Kellevarus has been caught.

Terra 2

I took advantage of the mythalís weakness at sunrise this morning and attempted to contact Kellevarus using the Rod of Far Speaking. He is being held in a prison area beneath the main church structure. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to rescue him. I will need to contact the high guard for assistance.

Terra 3

This morning at sunrise the mythal didnít show its usual signs of weakness. I cannot allow Kellevarus to be captured; I assume the humans will try to torture him for information. If I hurry I can venture outside of the mythal using the passageway beneath the waterfront tavern.

Associated Regions: Alwayeth
From the journal of Endar

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen