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I never thought I would fly. Not from flapping my arms at least. Or should I say wings? I've flown before, if you can consider jumping off a galloping horse or swinging from a vine flying. I can't anymore.

The good thing is that we have our magics back. I can feel my palms tingle when I wrap them around the hilt of my rapier. At least we'll be on a more even footing when we finally clash with Lanathar again. Yes, I said Lanathar. That pompus, gussied-up, infinitely irritating, overblown elf who has the nerve of oppress good folk just because he has a longer lifespan. We'll see him in his grave yet.

Still, it was a shame to burn down the ruin. As overgrown and uncared for as it was, it was a very nice ruin, and I've seen lots. I can only imagine the chaos shutting down the anti-magic field will create. People suddenly able to throw fireballs, turn invisible, call creatures. It's gonna be fun, as well as the next great challenge.

Unfortunately, Threnody will also probably be in fighting form. Not that I'm sacred of her or anything. I have every intention of chiseling out the little black pebble she has for a heart, right after I cut off her tongue. Vengenance for our first meeting so long ago. I'll put it on a leather thong and wear it as a necklace. Pretty. And if she comes back, well, I'll do it again. I'll make matching earrings.

This is assuming, of course, Islan doesn't get in the way. I just don't get this. . . this loyalty he feels towards her. Like he needs to protect her or something. It's sick and twisted! Oh, poor baby had it really hard. She doesn't want to do evil, but she has no choice. The bad angel makes her. She's just misguided. Inside there's a good person.

Read. My. Lips. Boo. Hoo. My heart bleeds for her. Huh, yeah. When she sticks me with her dagger.

I think I can safely say I like flying over boating any day of the week. I feel so light. And I can go up, up, up. Then divebomb, plummeting a hundred feet or more. Angle my wings just a little differently and I swoop up once again. Yup. Infinitely preferable. Especially after we saw Lanathar blow our ride to smitherines. Now, I didn't really like the sailor guy too much. He was totally raping us on the price of the ferry. But he certainly didn't deserve to be turned into charcoal.

Oh! I got my tools! They were expensive, but they're gorgeous and worth evey copper. Grizzly got them for me. Said he knew a guy who was real good with them. Never got caught, and he had pulled some pretty crazy stunts. I wanted to go with him, but Grizzly said that may not be a good idea. Half elf and all. I saw his point, but the thought of meeting a famous thief was really hard to pass up. I should've followed him. Next time I get a chance like that I will.

So I guess Grizzly is ok. Still woulda kicked his butt if I had been the one to find him sneaking around MacLeane's, but since he got me the nicest oak handled set of thief tools, well, I guess I can forgive him the sneaking. Besides, he tells good stories too, even if some of the details are off.

The one I don't really trust is that Serianna. First, she's a total wench. Kicks us out into the street. Won't even listen to what her man has to say. (He's whipped, he is. Poor boy.) Sneaks around to eavesdrop on us. Then she's all "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to treat you so poorly. Oh? You think you have a way out of here?" She's just shady. Like she pulls out this sword. I didn't recgonize it, but someone, I think Islan, said it was a royal family of Gideon sword. Then she says she found it in her shipwreck. Well, I can accept that, I guess. But, something's wrong with the picture. She was obviously used to swords, but the way she handled it. . .hmmm. I'm a swordsman and I know there is a way you handle your weapon. She didn't touch it like it was any old sword. She handled it carefully, reverently. Like it was a baby. Her baby, her sword. Umm, possibly. No, probably. Just because she said she found it in her shipwreck doesn't mean it wasn't hers to begin with. I know I've had to find my own weapons after a shipwreck, why not her? See what I mean? Shady. So what, am I guessing she's royalty? I don't know, but she does have the snotty attitude down. And I know she's not telling us everything. Meanwhile, we've, fools that we are, told her everything, far more than she should have ever known. It's like this group has grown terminally stupid since Jacques died and Dolartu disappeared.

La. Soaring, soaring. Stretch my wings to their full extension. Dip. Flip. Arse over end. Ooh, fish! Mine? Damn. Stupid bird thoughts.

We're over the town now. Oh crap. That's a lot of smoke. Figures. Right at MacLeane's. Sigh. Things never seem to go our way.

From the journal of Arilyn

Contributor: Jess Landin