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Three of Our Worst Enemies...and Us

I've said this before, but I hope we know what we're doing. Lanathar is loose upon the city, Threnody will be recovering now that magic has returned to the area, and the clerics of Aesia will be regaining their powers. The only comforting circumstance in the mess is that, likely, many of the clerics will not pose a serious threat to us since they have not used their divine blessings in so long, if ever.

We split after arriving back at New Sellador; Nyran, Elana, and Arilyn went to the central temple, while Anwar, the new fellow Philippe, and I ran back to MacLeane's home. Perhaps I should say what was left of MacLeane's home, which was very little, other than the smoking crater in the earth, evidence if one needed it of Lanathar's arrival. Where he is now, I don't know, but we need to find him quickly. Of Threnody, we found no trace, but we heard something of her when we rejoined at Philippe's quarters. It would appear she brought the aged alchemist to the clerics for aid. I knew she wasn't wholly evil. I'm not willing to put it to the test, however.

To that effect, we need to find either Lanathar or Threnody quickly and...dispatch whichever we find first. I think it would go without saying that I hope to find Lanathar instead of Threnody; I would do what need called for me to do, but it would cause me grief to have to kill her again. I cannot afford compassion now, though. There is too much happening, and too many enemies at our proverbial backs to take the risk of, of what happened out in the desert happening here, and to all of my friends as well. I hope that I'll have the strength of will to raise sword against her again, if it comes to that.

Lanathar will find in me no such quandary.

As for the priesthood, they concern me the least.

While we were still hidden, I took the opportunity to send for some pearls, that I might use my magics to identify our not-so-ill-gotten gains. The Garanlyon blade actually seemed perfect for Arilyn's style of swordplay, and the armor seemed best-suited to her as well. She also made out with a cloak of similar kind to mine own. I myself discovered that the very large pearl we had been carrying has the unique ability to recall one of my spells of the 3rd Circle to my memory, after it has been used. I'm sure it will prove to be most beneficial.

Now, we just need to trust that when we find one, we won't find the other together with that one. Slim hope.

Associated Regions: New Sellador
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz