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Pain, and Lots of It
Even as we saw the waterlogged, shambling zombies making their way towards us, I had assumed that the worst of the night was over, with the death of the werewolves. Seldom have I been more wrong.

Take, as example, water gushing from my own throat as I fell under the foul influence of the undead. Or perhaps Arilyn succumbing to it just as I was roused out my own spate of drowning. Or Arilyn having, to be quite blunt, her head bashed in by the zombie next to her as she drowned in open air.

Take, as another example, Lanathar, who lobbed a fireball into a mass of scared, panicked people as they huddled in the center of town, the only remaining place of protection from the advancing zombie horde. There was also Nyran, taking the full force of a disintegrate spell, blood gushing from the orifices in his face as he struggled to withstand the effects of the magic. And lest we forget, there was Threnody, falling out of the sky to catch Lanathar in midair and pausing barely a moment before tearing out his throat.

Possibly worst of all, in a long-term view, was watching Threnody implode zombie...after zombie...after zombie as they stood insensate, bereft of their guiding will with the death of their master. Such power, in such endless quantity. It chills my blood to think that she might do that to us the next time we face her in battle. I am left with some hope for her, however: she didnít attack us this night, and whatever her excuses or protests, she did help us.

There were many dead and wounded from this ordeal, including our own Arilyn, getting her fool head smashed to a pulpy mess. Iím surprised that actually hurt her, she doesnít seem to use it much. Elana healed her, with a generous donation from the church, and itís now time to be on our way. It would seem that we are on our way once again home to Tel-Tenauril, according to the general consensus. It will be good to see home again, and some actual trees, but I grow more and more concerned for the burden we carry; I would see the others in our care, as well. Weíve much yet to do, and we can afford only a short delay, though, perhaps I can find someone to help me with Mortedamosís spellbook. There is much there that could still be useful.

Associated Regions: New Sellador Port
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz