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The World of Dreams...Bad Dreams

How am I ever going to admit this to Arilyn? That she is, however indirectly, descended from nobility? She will never let me hear the end of it; I'll be suffering her japes, jokes, and nettles from now until eternity, if I make her past known to her. And I know she'll want to know. Who wouldn't wish to learn about the family one has never known? And what better way to learn, than by those who actually became your family for a short time, had access to all their thoughts and memories? This will obviously require a bit of explanation.

We wanted to return to Tel-Tenauril quickly; we'd agreed to allow Nyran to take us through the Astral Plane to our destination. I know not whether what followed was partially the result of Nyran's strange psionic talents, but our journey led us most strangely off course.

We found ourselves, if one can term it thus since we initially had no memory of who we really were, submerged within member of Arilyn's family and the pair of wandering entertainers who arrived and brought her happy childhood to an end. I, as it happened, became the persona of her father. Since I am already, in a sense, her father from my unconscious manipulation of the crystal shard, it is only fitting, yet needless to say it is most disconcerting to be her father twice over, even if the whole scenario was nothing more than the product of Arilyn's dreams.

All other considerations aside for the moment, it is a great tragedy that the young Arilyn should have lost such a loving family. That was what I felt most as her father; pure love for Arilyn, and love mingled wit healthy respect for Arilyn's mother. To think that her father was the young head of House Dorthonion, one of the oldest and most powerful house in the realm, and that he gave up his title, his holdings, even his family, with an Elven wife and children, to be with these two.

I'm sure Arilyn can't know exactly how much he gave up to be with her mother, and her, when the time came. She can't know what he sacrificed, to give her a peaceful, loving home. Or what her mother went through, in the Watch Wardens. Or how much he spent, both in money and standing, to give her a shelter far removed from the prejudices of both Elf and human.

I suppose she deserves to know all this. To know how much her father loved her. She even deserves to know that her father was a member of the Garanlyon, and that his service in the Watch Wardens was the cause for the first meeting with her mother. He served more out of a sense of familial duty than of any real dislike for humans, but serve he did.

I hope she appreciates the undiluted, unconditional love he had for her. I sincerely hope that I am equal to the task of revealing this all to her, for I have never, ever loved that deeply or that much. Raucous, bawdy bar wench that she is, I hope this doesn't upset her too much...I shouldn't write anymore.

From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz