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Chronicler of the Inverted Tower
Atoz was one of the Elan of the Atman Enclave untill he became disgusted with their self absorbed views of the rest of the world. More and more he bagen to send his days reading the writings of Primus the Runekeeper, master of the Inverted Tower of Atma City. He was fascinated with the histories he could piece together from the seemingly random fragments of information that Primus had etched into the walls of the tower but soon grew frustrated that they was no apparent order to their layout. So was begun the Chronicles of Atoz, an index of the writings of the Inverted Tower and a guide to finding the information you seek amongst the hundreds of thousands of lines of chronologically ordered yet topically random written history laid out by Primus over the past three thousands years.

Alignment: CG
Race: Elan
Associated Regions: Atma City

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen