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Artanis Dorthonion
Rogue elven noble who chose a forbidden love over inhereted nobility.

Artanis was born into the grand noble house of Dorthonion, another noble is a long and proud family of nobles. As was their tradition he took up for a short time with the Garanlyon scouts of the Watch Wardens, patrolling those forests to the north of Sellador and working to keep humans out of Tel-Tenauril.

During this time he encountered Raina, a young woman fleeing from a troubled life, and a price on her head, in Sellador. Artanis watched for days as Raina struggled against the magical traps and wards of the forest, working to survive against all odds, both physical and emotional.

As he watched her, Artanis fell in love with her. Finally, when it seemed she could go no further and would sucumb to the forests spell, he revealed himself. He took her and left the Watch Wardens, keeping her and nursing her back to health. And so Raina came to love this strange man who had watched her for so long and saved her.

Artanis knew that his people would frown upon the union of an elf and a human, so he abandoned his noble station, his house, and his inheritance, and left with Raina to make a life for themselves in an isolated spot in northern Tel-Anoril.

The Garanlyon, after a time, came to learn of his desertion and betrayal of their high morals. In 2997 AA they sent a few of their agents, disguised as hired entertainers, to investigate Artanis. They discovered that not only had he taken Raina, a human woman, as his wife, they also found that Artanis has a daughter, Arilyn.

Of these two was Elegond, a bard by trade who craved adventure and a life on the road, and Teravus, a sullen wizard who craved power.

The night of their arrival, outraged at Elegond's easy dismissal of Artanis' lifestyle and under orders from the Garanlyon, Teravus burned the home of the rogue Dorthonion Family to the ground.

What Teravus didn't realize was that Elegond had escaped, taking young Arilyn with him. Much like Artanis, Elegond forswore the Garanlyon and their extremist ideals. He raised Arilyn as a part of a wandering troupe of performers knowing that one day he would have to reveal to her the truth of her noble heritage.

Alignment: NG
Race: Elf, Anoril (Sun)
Associated Regions: Tel-Tenauril
Artanis Dorthonion is a member of the Dorthonion Family, Garanlyon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen