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Kind hearted adventure seeker and wandering performer
Elegond is a wanderer, a man constantly seeking the next great adventure and the next new sight. He has wandered all over Tel-Tenauril, taking in the mysteries of that ancient land like a starving man to a kings feast.

For a brief time he joined the Garanlyon as a way of seeing his homeland from a new perspective and learning secrets to which he might not otherwise be privy.

It was during this time, in 2997 AA, that he and another agent, a wizard named named Teravus, were sent to investige Artanis Dorthonion, an elven noble who renouced his noble house, deserted his post in the Watch Wardens, and vanished into northern Tel-Anoril.

Disguised as hired entertainers they discovered that not only had Artanis taken a human woman, Raina, as his wife, they also found that he had a half-elven daughter, Arilyn.

Elegond watched the family and saw that they were happy. To him, this was enough to justify Artanis' actions. Outraged at Elegond's easy dismissal of the situation and under orders from the Garanlyon, Teravus burned the home of the rogue Dorthonion Family to the ground.

What Teravus didn't realize was that Elegond had escaped, taking young Arilyn with him. Much like Artanis, Elegond forswore the Garanlyon and their extremist ideals. He raised Arilyn as a part of a wandering troupe of performers knowing that one day he would have to reveal to her the truth of her noble heritage.

After a few years of travel with the group Elegond felt the need to wander alone. Elegond left the troupe to wander through the forests of Tel-Elaemir, seeking at long last a silence in which he could reflect upon his many travels.

Years past in this manner, like a short pause in a grand song. Soon Elegond felt the lure of the road once more and saught out his old companions, still wandering the lands amidst song and dance.

When he returned he found that Arilyn had grown into a young woman, her human heritage bringing her to maturity much faster than an elf might. Arilyn didn't remember him, but he knew her. When the nieve Arilyn foolishly declared her affection for him he drew back, for in his silent reflections of the past few years he had come to feel that the death of the Dorthonion Family was partially his fault. He dismissed her with a brutal and selfish lie, hoping to drive her away and protect himself.

Soon after the troupe was at a fair. One of the members was accused of pickpocketing an elven noble. Attempting to make an escape, Arilyn was killed in an alley by an elf who saw only a half-breed, not the beautful young woman that Elegond had come to admire.

Shattered by her death, the troupe disbanded. Elegond wandered, senseless and broken, for many months.

Alignment: CG
Race: Elf
Associated Regions: Tel-Tenauril

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen