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Tendaris Wyrmslayer
Ancient elven dragon slayer driven to desperate acts through noble purpose
Tendaris was a noble knight of high ideals untill the day that a dragon killed his family. From his grief was born a quest of vengeance against all dragons. He wandered the land slaying every dragon he could find. At first dragons of evil heart fell to his blade, though as time pressed on and the mad fires of vengeance burned in his heart all dragons became his foe.

Tendaris finally fell to the crafty white dragon Kalidrax of Argusund. Kalidrax, ever cruel, used his power to imprison Tandaris' spirit within a sword, forged from the tooth of a fallen foe, which he named FrostFang.

Tales are still told in Tel-Tenauril of Tendaris. To children they are fantastic stories of knights, honor, and dragons. To the adults, however, these tales are tragic reminders of what it is to blindly lose yourself to a single, all consuming pursuit.

Alignment: CN
Race: Elf, Anoril (Sun)
Associated Regions: Tel-Tenauril, Argusund

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen