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Abbey Of St. Planchet
Epicenter of an idealogical rift.
Hundreds of years ago a young acolyte named Bazin Rochefourt wrote a thesis on an aspect of the faith of Aesia, as was custom amongst new members. Bazin chose for his essay, entitled, "The Nature of Faith", nothing less than a discussion of the divine nature of the goddess herself. It was this essay, written in the year 2642 in the Abbey of St. Planchet, just outside of the village of Grimaud, that would eventually bring the nation of Sellador to the brink of dissolution. The ideas in this essay would bring about a series of events that would eventually lead to the Clerist Wars of 2827.

Today the Abbey is still in use, much as it was in the time of Bazin and his essay. Many people come from all over the nation to worship at the abbey, though some for different reasons than others. In the time since the destruction of Lloleyn the Abbey has become the seat of the Church of Aesia's power in Sellador.

Inhabitants: Human
Abbey Of St. Planchet is located in Grimaud

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen