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Farming community in south Lochlainn

Lorenc is a small community in southern Lochlainn, a place along the road for travelers and a home to sheep herders and farmers.

In 3025 AA Lorenc was chosen, due to its central position and relative neutrality, by Halagan Dougal for a tournament to decide who would win a map to the tomb of Ansgar Dougal and the treasure within: the sword of the once and only king. Within the tomb was said to be a treasure that could unite the land and drive back the chaos and ruin in the northlands. The band of adventurers known as the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear competed in this tournament and won the map.

Lorenc is the home of Aguer, a kindly old cleric of Jerick who tends to a small shrine outside of town.

Inhabitants: Human
Lorenc is located in Lochlainn

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen