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The Waste
Land devastated by planar instability and the corruptive force of chaos.

The lands of northern Lochlainn were once the seat of power for its peoples. The mightiest clans, such as Clan Dougal, had their holdings there. It was a rich land teeming with farms and pastures. This land was also plentiful with portals to the Kingdoms Of Faerie, greatly influencing their culture.

All that changed in 2986 AA when a comet, one of the heralds of the return of Naresh the destroyer, smashed into Caer Fid-Nemith, the seat of power for Fey in the mortal realms. The resulting devastation changed the landscape; it now suffered under the effects of an altered planar landscape as the fragile dimensional structure underlying the area was shattered. The focal axis of the land shifted from the fey realms to the Chaos Threshold, resulting in the forces of pure chaos being unleashed upon this part of Geas.

What remains of this land is a desert of ash, rain, and horrible twisted creatures that roam the countryside. At the heart of it all lies the Chaos Gate, a passageway into a realm of pure madness.

Alignment: CN
Regions located within The Waste include Caer Fid-Nemith
The Waste is located in Lochlainn

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen