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Where, from here?
Once again, I find myself in a position of uselessness. The rest feels good after the grueling work set before me in the Inverted Tower, but there ought to have been some way to help my friends. I'd also have liked to get in a few swings at Iarond, pompous, conceited fool that he is. But, my chance was not now, it seems.

Of course, my friends needed little help. They had the contest well in hand, and there was little doubt that the map would be ours. Anwar and Nyran both took first place in their respective events, and Arilyn lost only when that bear of a man aimed at breaking her weapons instead of her. Her tenacity is really quite amazing though, considering the bruises she suffered to snag her opponent's greatsword, or the fact that she wouldn't yield until she was unconscious.

Elana and I were the only ones left out of the...hm, festivities. The only things left me, aside from being the world's worst morale booster for my companions, was to eat, and to think. And since the only cuisine available here was boiled...everything, there was nothing for it but to think.

So, think I did, and most of my thought was about Primus's words to me on our first day in the Inverted Tower; Jacques still lives. Nyran may have to be "convinced" to take us to the Plane Of Death, that we might find and rescue him, once we've recovered the last unclaimed crystal.

Associated Regions: Lochlainn
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz