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Wall Of Barga
The seemingly eternal civil works project

The wall of Barga was envisioned as a means to keep out invaders and also a means by which the community could come together under the banner of a Common project. Thus, it was decided that the Wall would be constructed each a little at a time by each citizen of the town.

What resulted was a perfect example of too many cooks in too small a kitchen. Each section of the wall is built in a different style, sometimes connecting with its neighbor and sometimes not. Sections have been torn down, rebuilt, moved, and reconstructed so many times that its hard to determine what the original wall was supposed to look like.

But, being gnomes, the people of Barga aren't really bothered by this fact. To them the project has become a challenge; how to build a better wall. New techniques of mixing mortar and new ways of laying brick have been researched and studied to an extent that would shock even a dwarven engineer. As a result the people of Barga have become some of the best wall builders in all of Geas... but are still some of the worst project managers.

Inhabitants: Gnome
Wall Of Barga is located in Barga

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen