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Passionate champion of the weak of Lochlainn
Alastrina was one of the Arlantil, the elves who left the dogma and politics of Tel-Tenauril behind in 1453 AA to forge the new land of Arandir where humans and elves could live together in peace.

As time passed she found the world around her changing. Arandir was no more and elves almost unheard of.

She fell in love with Ansgar Dougal, the young lord of Clan Dougal, and helped him to unite the warring clans of Lochlainn. She fell in battle and was enshrined by her lover in a place where one day he too would join her in peace everlasting.

Race: Elf
Associated Regions: Lochlainn, Tel-Tenauril
Alastrina is a member of the Arlantil

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen