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I have never before considered the possibility of betrayal. I was secure in the knowledge that my companions, if they did not share my level of conviction, were at least steadfast in keeping the crystals out of the hands of those of evil intent, and were trustworthy enough that I could leave my life in their hands, and know that I would not have misplaced it.

I consider betrayal now.

I know what it was that struck me; I know that it was one of Nyran's energy blasts that sent me to the realm of the dead. Between his ridiculous, unacceptable behavior at Castle McKrae, and this, it is a wonder he did not find some way to foil my queen's ministrations, which luckily enough brought me back to the world of the living.

He will bear even closer scrutiny. I will not have him, however powerful he thinks himself, ruin all that we have worked for. If necessary, he will die at...wait, what is this?

"Enigma"? I wrote no such entry into my logs....

Hmm. It is in my script. This seems most similar to my dream in Castle McKrae. There must be some significance, but I am failing to understand what it is. Will I actually be somehow driven to sacrifice Elana, to murder her? It would be prudent, I think, to keep some distance between myself and my queen, without drawing too much suspicion to myself. I do not think I can allow the rest of the group know of this. They are already half-set against me. This would surely just set them more firmly on their path. No, this will stay with me, for now, at least until I can find some way to divine the meaning from the dream and this spectrous text.

Associated Regions: Lochlainn
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz