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Naresh Apocolypse
This is the way the worlds ends.

Divergent Point

In a future where the Heralds Of The Dawn failed to defeat the incarnate form of Naresh at Caer Airbhe-Fál in 2988 AA, the entire world has been laid to waste. The influence of destruction and the nihilistic appetites of Naresh reign supreme turning the land into a barren and poisonous silt desert.


The last vestige of life on Geas lies in the ruins of the former dwarven capital of Citadel. Driven deep underground by the horrors of the poisonous surface, a few members of each race pool their strengths to hold out against Naresh for as long as they can. Their leader and goddess is Suzara , daughter of Jemerall, the former caretaker of Caer Airbhe-Fál who fell to the powers of Naresh when we was summoned into a material form. Watching all her friends and family die at the hand of the dark god, Suzara flees into the wilderness. As the years pass she becomes a savage warrior against the unstoppable influence of unbridled destruction and gathers like minded followers to her side.

The incarnate form of Naresh, using its awesome powers over reality, begins to meddle in the past, setting the members of the Heralds Of The Dawn on the quest for the Tablets of Mallant, ultimately setting events in motion that leads to its own creation.

The elves, bereft of a ruling body and reeling from the loss of Thanandir in 2988 AA, are the first to fall to the might of an incarnate Naresh.

Primus the Runemaker ceases to function; without the creation of new history he has nothing to record and therefore no reason to continue.

Naresh begins to slay other gods, shattering their power. What remains, the uncounted will of the Ourgós, finds its home in Suzara , elevating her to to godhood. She is both worshipped and feared by the people of Citadel, for she is the raw fury of nature... bound only by the memory of mortal morality.

It is in 3024 AA that Suzara , wild goddess of survival and nature, encounters the time lost Heralds Of The Dawn. They had survived their apparent death thanks to the direct... and forbidden... intervention of the god Aranor. In this act Aranor denies the progression of fate, his primary purpose and reason for existence, and thus effectively commits suicide so that the universe has at least a small chance of survival. Aranor knew the true horror of Naresh's dominance; it would mean the end of not only one timeline, but ultimately all timelines as eternal nothingness swept across reality.

One by one the planes begin to collapse, their purpose no longer important. the Kingdoms Of Faerie wage a futile war against an onslaught of sheer nothingness and Oberon, one of the last gods, sees his wife Titania fall to the encroaching destruction in what would have been 3024 AA.

In one final act of prophecy, Titania charges her husband to bring forth the Genesis Crystal, an artifact that has been entrusted to their care for ages untold. The crystal, she tells him, must be taken to a specific point. This place, however, no longer exists... as it lies outside the bounds of what remains of the Kingdoms of Faerie; the rest was been claimed by a curtain of sheer nothingness.

Oberon, grief stricken at the loss of his wife, passes the task to a rag tag group of faerie warriors, members of his informal royal guard. The group succeeds in retrieving the crystal and, as they pass through the curtain of nothingness, find that the light of the crystal recreates a memory of the dissolved lands around them, allowing them to arrive at their presaged destination.

They arrive just in time to meet the Heralds Of The Dawn as they teleport in, having been sent on their way to the Temporal Plane by Suzara . The ties binding the planes together had grown unstable, however, and the party needed to make a stop in the Kingdoms Of Faerie on their way. Realizing the importance of their quest, the faerie royal guard gives the adventurers the Genesis Crystal in hopes that it can be used to finally put an end to Naresh.

The Heralds Of The Dawn make their way to the eternal palace of Ethrendor where they are sent back in time to battle Naresh once again in 2988 AA. They depart just as the forces of Naresh consume the eternal palace, the last Bastion of existence in all future realities to fall.

Using the Genesis Crystal the Heralds Of The Dawn manage to defeat the incarnate form of Naresh, bound into the body of their friend Blake Ashton, ultimately causing the apocalyptic future they witnessed to never occur.

Jerick, who ascended to godhood upon the death of Naresh and still recent demise of Aranor, claimed the deific portfolios of fate, death, and life. With his new powers he saves the survivors of the alternate timeline... those that dwelt in Citadel... and relocates them to his newly created home, the Golden Way. The survivors of this alternate world take the name Tolenar, a word that means "exile" in the elven tongue, and set about trying to find their way in a universe they were never meant to know.

Naresh Apocolypse is located in Alternate Timelines

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen