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Circle Of Nine
The ruling council of wizards of the ancient kingdom of Atma.

The Cirle of Nine was, amongst other things, the governing body of the Atma city-state, For many of its members the pursuit of arcane secrets took prescidence, however. Regional lords were often given the task of managing the day to day affairs of the city, leaving the members of the Circle of Nine free to debate and decide upon grander issues.

The Circle of Nine was active from -969 AA until -9 AA when Atma was abandoned in the wake of several disasters that had befallen the city.

Much of the information regarding the Circle was lost during the Exodus Wars, though a few details concerning the final membership roster of the order have recently been uncovered.

In addition to the few members mentioned herin, it is known that there was a master of conjurations and summonings as well as a young elven woman of unknown designation.

The Circle Of Nine operate in Atma
Members of the Circle Of Nine have included Jarvis, Mallant, Merrick, Ostis, Willera, Zaren The Prescient

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen