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The fires of battle have faded behind us; our way has been cleared. There would seem to be no more need for random guards barring our way from this path, as our goal itself is now hindrance enough. The...tear, is monstrous, expanding at times to fill the whole crater that Naresh left here in its wake. It is disturbing to see pure, unmitigated chaos spilling over into our world, the very source of this land's troubles...and yet, it is strangely beautiful. The swirling colors, the twisting, curling formlessness; there is a morbid form of beauty in that.

And it seems that we have to enter it. Elana was likely caught in it when she went to scout ahead. It seems improbable, in any event, that we will be able to close the rip from this side. And it would be our luck that we spotted the crystal. In the crater. Where the chaos lashes and writhes most heavily.

To add to our problems, I felt it necessary to inform them all why we really need to rescue Elana from wherever she is in that thing. The reactions were not quite what I expected. Arilyn didn't even pay attention. Nyran acted as if I were either deluded or lying. And Anwar...for the life of me I couldn't tell what she thought of our added complication.

And now, we must try to retrieve the crystal shard, which lays there, mocking us.

Associated Regions: Lochlainn
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz