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Atman Empire
The once greatest of all human nations.
"This thing I have created, this most terrible of powers... may all the gods forgive me. I was only trying to help."

- From the Journal of Mallant, member of the Circle of Nine

Atma was once the mightiest human kingdom in the world. The civilization that dwelt here had achieved the pinacle heights of magical development. There seemed no end to their power... untill the coming of the demon sun three thousand years ago. Today, all that remains of the once mighty kingdom are haunted halls and scattered ruins.

Recommended Prestige Classes
Arcane Devotee
Elemental Savant
Knight of the Middle Circle
Mage of the Arcane Order
Master Alchemist

Inhabitants: human
Associated regions include Atma City, Artaios
Regions located within Atman Empire include Atma, Telos Ruins
Atman Empire is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen