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Passage Into The Forbidden Land
Begin Journal: Leos 13, 2985 AA

Day 1

Found an odd stone by the side of the path. It was covered in strange runes that I did not recognize. As frustrating as that is I feel that it proves my theory that there are other civilizations beyond Sellador. Who knows what people dwell beyond these woods. I welcome the chance to learn their ways and history.

The church is closed minded. This marker is proof of their opressive laws. They are surely hiding something from us. I will discover what that might be.

We will no longer be as their intelectual slaves. I will return to Sellador and spurn the people against the dictates of mother church.

We will learn to think for ourselves and forge our own destinies.

Day 4

We have travelled for several days now and still no sign of civilized lands. Odd, then, that there would be a path here in the middle of "forbidden" lands. Hector is wary and claims that we are being watched. I must admit, a strange feeling of dread has been with me now for the past few hours.

Day 5

Hector's instincts have proven to be correct. Today it seemed as if the woods themselves turned against us. Kambriel's prayers keep our bodies well, but if tomorrow prooves to be as today, our high spirits will quickly dwindle.

Day 6

No time to rest last night. Creatues of the wild wood attacked us as soon as we made camp. By mid day my spells were exhausted and only Hector's blade stood between us and the dark woods hunger.

Day 7

Again, sleep was impossible. To our horror we discovered that during the night Hector's blade has gone missing, even though we were very careful to keep watch.

We had decided to turn back and make our way to Lloleyn when we were beset by wolves. Hector stayed to fight them off, calling for us to run to safety. I will never forget his sacrifice.

I wonder... was the church right? Perhaps there is a valid reason behind the law we have defied by coming here. Perhaps Aesia has decided to punish our transgression by taking the life of my dear, brave brother.

Hector... my brother. What fate have you suffered because of my folly?

Day 8

Managed to find brief respite from the dark wood's ire to pen these lines. What little sleep Kambriel and I could find was welcome. My brother's blood has payed for our rest.

Day 9

The wood confounds our attempts to find a way home. South is North and West is East.

We found Hector's body on the path before us, or rather what was left of it.

They're after us now. They are coming. I can hear them.

Aesia... forgive me. You will is law and we have payed the pri .. .. ..

From the journal of Raza

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen