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A corrupt yet thriving trade city

In 2945 AA the adventurers Elana Firemantle, Horus, and Edom Skaelan defeated the black dragon Tzelgoriath, clearing the path for human settlers to found the city of Drachenhorn, gateway to the Selladorian Free Nations. The skeletal head of the dragon rests on high as a monument in the town square, its bony horns giving the city its name which means "Dragon's Horn". Additionally the mountain where Tzelgoriath once dwelt is known by this name and is visible from the city on a clear day.

Located just east of the pass through the Border Mountains into the Borderwode, Drachenhorn has grown over the past one hundred years into a thriving trade city followed only by Kiergard. After the mists lifted, and people started traveling more, it was only natural for a town sitting right in front of a major mountain pass to become a city.

Having no national affiliation, the city has it's own ruling body comprised of a council of lords. Each lord acts as a spokesman for either one of the city's industries, or a particular group of people.

The Council of Lords rules the city only as far as to make laws and attempt to enforce them. The real power in Drachenhorn lies with the Guilds. Each industry has one of course, but it's the ones you don't hear about that really run the show. The Thieves Guild holds great sway in the city streets. Everyone knows about it, but no one has the power to challenge it.

The Mage Guild is newer, but still powerful in their own right, controlling many powerful artifacts and almost as much arcane lore as the College of Wizardry in Allstone. It's current head, Archmage Thaston, is an ambitious man, ready to expand the guild's influence into trade and profit.

With an alarming rate of expansion, an increasingly restless populace, and several opposing factions getting ready to butt heads, Drachenhorn is a powder keg ready to blow. Only time will tell who will be on top when things finally do go up in flames.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Drachenhorn include Glass Spider, Krieger And Sons Supply
Drachenhorn is located in Borderwode

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald