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Necropolis Of Aljidan
Imperial city of undead slave masters
The bone-shite spires of the necropolis of Aljidan, high upon the cliff where the dam had been constructed, was the home of several undead beings who were the slavemasters of Aljidan. Led by Mortedamos, necromancer and servant of Ashuran, the necropolis was protected by spells of illusion during the quiet day to scare off intruders. At night th denizens of the necropolis emerged to work their foul deeds in the name of their dark lord. The necropolis' tunnels drove deep into the earth, interconnecting torture chambers to grand royal halls.

The necropolis was torn apart and its ruins burried when the river Neph was freed of the dam in 3025 AA.

Necropolis Of Aljidan is located in Aljidan

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen