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Terrors of the deep, masters of madness.
The dreaded Mind Flayers dwell in the furthest reaches of the Underdark, beyond the points where even the Zanathae dare to tread. Of unknown origin, these monstrous beings harbor terrible secrets... and terrible designs on the world above them.

Because of their need to subside on the brains of other intelligent races, the Illithids find only hostility and animosity from the other beings of Geas. This hatred is most notable in the Zanathae, who live in closest proximity to the Mind Flayers. The psionic humans of the Underdark have been waging a war for survival against the tentacle faced monsters for generations.

Recent activity in the Mind Flayer communities suggests they may be gearing up for the launch of a nefarious plot of some sort. Details are sketchy, but what little intelligent has been gathered points to an invasion... of the surface world.

Typical Alignment: NE
creatures are most often found in The Underdark

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald