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I don't know how Hours managed to find us in Miriath, secluded as it is, but find us he did. Immediately after which he started putting arrows into us. Somehow, he managed to be everywhere at once, until we got him off our trail.

Antarus and the others informed us as to what Horus is in this world--the queen's personal assassin. Given what I know of him in our world, the thought of him as an assassin, in particular an assassin following us, is a most unsettling one. So, he has tracked us to Miriath, which means he likely knows where are headed next: a nearby druid's grove, from which Antarus claims we can teleport to the isle of Enroth without being discovered by the queen's wards.

This is most definitely cause for serious concern. Does the presence of Horus mean that the queen knows of us, and the murder of her regents of Tel-Ithilien? Did Horus intend to find us, or was his discovery of us merely an unfortunate accident? I would very much have liked to hear the answers to these questions from Horus, but after our ministrations, culminating with Nyran's boot, he was suffering from a minor bout of death. I had thought Horus would have been more difficult to finish off. So much for our answers. I fear, though, that our ignorance will cause us trouble in the future. After all, if Aesia did set Horus on us, how many more did she send after us?

His death--and the deaths of his cohorts--was nevertheless swift.

Now, we find ourselves at the northern reaches of Tel-Tenauril, at the island of Enroth, in the shadow of the Tower of Irai. Our Garanlyon friends have informed us (as if I needed informing) about the illusionists' academy located here, that it may help provide some answers desperately needed. They told us also of a mirror that might confirm our story to their satisfaction. It is a mirror we've seen before, though not at the Tower of Irai.

We saw it last on the continent of Curmeah, beneath the slave city of Aljidan. It showed us the forms of ourselves as we are (were, now, in some instances) in this world. The idea is that we should cast no reflection in this mirror, if we are from the other world. I will need to peruse my Falsities entry sometime soon.

I hardly expected to see Roen when we arrived at the Temple of Ethrendor, but it was a welcome surprise, especially to see him as placid and tranquil as in our world. He has not risen to the same heights as in our world, but he seems mostly content. I am grateful, for too many here live in fear or misery.

Our hypothesis was confirmed when we finally were shown the mirror; as I stood before it, I could see everyone standing driectly behind me. The reflection faded; there was no shadow, no outline, nothing in the enchanted glass up close to show that I was perhaps a foot in front of it. A truly fascinating piece of work, that mirror. Once our journey is done, I think I should like to study it further.

A final thought: I clearly remember the grand master of the bladesinger style sparring in the practice yard of the Temple Of Whispering Air. I know now that I could best, or at the least stalemate, any of them. I believe I have reached the very pinnacle of bladesinger training. My sword dances to the lilting music of my magics. The arcane energies flow from my fingers to the edge of my blade, to sear those would stand athwart me. There is no more for me to learn, there. Noreil would be pleased, I think.

Associated Regions: Tel-Ithilien, Tel-Tenauril, Dark Mirror
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz