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A city of the dark realm of the Illithids

Far beneath the frozen wastes of Argusund, through miles upon miles of rough hewn passages beneath Ultima Thule, lies the Mind Flayer city of Xxyltln.
But this is no mere city. It is the only Mind Flayer stronghold inhabited by the Haloon; the Illithid Liches. It is in this place that the Mind Flayers conduct those grotesque, alien experiments that take several decades, or even centuries, to complete. Because they are undead, the Haloon can record the results of the experiments without loosing information between generations.
Beneath the city lies an expansive system of ancient tunnels that predate even the ancient city. It is here that the Mind Flayers hide their most powerful artifacts... and their most dangerous secrets.

Alignment: NE
Associated regions include Ultima Thule, Underdark
Xxyltln is located in Underdark

Contributor: Jacob McDonald