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What might have been incarnation of a powerful evil
In the Dark Mirror timeline the creature known as Mortedamos, the brother of Jacques, was not taken by the Children Of Ashuran to be raised as a servant of the dark god. Instead, the young Jacques was taken and would eventually become the mightiest cleric of Ashuran that world had ever known and would take the name Mortedamos as his own.

The child left behind would go on to become the man known as Antarus, a champion of good with a compassionate heart and powerful drive to protect his friends and adopted family; in essence, the complete opposite of the creature he became in the normal timeline.

During his brief journey with the wayward Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear he learned of the existence of the alternate timeline and the nature of his existence in that world. He aided the adventurers in reclaiming the Mirror Of Valandil and making their way back to their native timeline.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Dark Mirror

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen