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Zurath The Eternal
Ancient and formless elan telepath of immense power
In 1432 AA an Elan telepath known as Zurath arose with a plan to dominate his fellow Elan and, through subtle psychic manipulations, dominate Geas. Through a titanic effort the combined might of the Elan high counsel in Atma was able to subdue Zurath, and, it was thought, defeat him.

Such power is not easily quelled, however.

Zurath continued his existence, now as a formless sentience residing in one body or another... sometimes even multiple bodies at the same time. In 3025 AA he became aware of the presence of the fragments of the Genesis Crystal and, in a bid to seek out their power, guided the Elan Nyran Galanodel to an encounter with the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear. He would join their group, never realizing that he was merely a tool in Zuraths bid for the awesome power of the crystals.

In 3025 AA Zurath took posession of another individual, Evendur Greycastle, a warrior of the Elan in Atma. He used Evendur as a puppet in a scheme to pit the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear against the Gideon Mercenary Corp which both groups were travelling through the ruins of Atma. Though the two groups failed to destroy eachother, the experience nevertheless gave Zurath insight into the respective powers of each group.

Finally, later that year, Zurath began to sense certian changes in the world; changes which necessitated his action. Rather than subtly manipulate Nyran the Eternal Psion chose to dominate him completely. It was only through a final exertion of will that Nyran was able to regain controll of his body... and use the last of his powers to escape into another plane, sparing his new friends the wrath of Zurath the Eternal.

Alignment: NE
Race: Elan

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen