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God of merchants and trade
As the oppression of the Selladorian Church of Aesia waned over the Free Nations, people started to worship newer Gods that made themselves known through divine messages, as well as through prophets and celestials. The most popular 'new' God to emerge in the Free Nations has been Basaric, the God of Trade and Commerce. The numerous merchants and traders that inhabit the commerce driven Free Nations pray to this God for better sales, better deals, and fewer highway robberies.

Basaric is likely an aspect of a greater force of trade, a role shared by the dwarven deity Haldros.

Alignment: LN
Races who worship Basaric are Human
Basaric is worshipped in Selladorian Free Nations
Basaric is the god of Trade, Commerce, Law, And Greed
Clerical Domains: Not Yet
Basaric is a member of the Aeonae Modus

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald