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Victor Elbricht
Commander, hero, visonary
Victor Elbricht started life as the Captain of the four man town guard for the small village of Everest. Through a series of adventures with several of the towns more eccentric inhabitants (including Braum Torvaldine and Niobhe Windblade) he gathered a small fortune in gold, and was able to fund his first small mercenary unit.

From there, his fame and that of his unit grew until he was able to gather more and more men. Calling his army The Red Legion, he set about training them to be everything he had always wanted for his home; an army to protect the freedom of the Free Nations. Eventually, he had need for a permanent encampment to house them and act as a base of operations. This base camp would grow to become Kiergard, a center of trade and politics for the young states of the Selladorian Free Nations.

Victor has long been an advocate of cooperation among the Free Nations, hoping to have a strong and united front to counteract the influence of a unified Gideon and Selladorian Midland. He fears they may once again take interest the lands that have long been free from their oppression.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Kiergard, Selladorian Free Nations
Victor Elbricht is a member of the The Red Legion

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald