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Dirk Krieger
Dirk is the self appointed leader of The Silent Blade Thieves Guild. After growing tiered of always answering to his father, he split from the Dracanhorn Guild to form his own.

Soon after, Dirk gathered powerful allies, and was able to overthrow his father in Drachenhorn. He vanished from public life then, leaving the day to day operations of the guild in the hands of his loyal retainer and lover, Jasmin. She is a devote priestess of Elole, and serves the guild well.

Dirk hasn't been seen or heard from in several years, and yet, his guild still runs. Where he is now and what he's up to is anyones guess.

Alignment: NE
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Drachenhorn
Dirk Krieger is a member of the The Silent Blade

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald