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Fabled castle of ice under the care of a devil
Froreheim, a name that means "Frost Home" in Common, is the fortress formed by the Sphere Of Winter, an ancient artifact of the arctic north. The posessor of the Sphere Of Winter has complete control over the walls and passages of Froreheim and is able to reshape them at a thought. The fortress itself must be created near a sizeable body of water, as it is made entirely of ice.

Froreheim is several stories tall and sits upon a small glacier which contains dozens of intercrossing catacombs of its own as, much like a natural glacier, the majority of Froreheim lies beneath the waterline.

Froreheim last appeared in 2692 AA when the ice demon Gazardath made his first bid for power in the mortal realms. It appeared again briefly in 3026 AA when Gazardath was gated to Geas by Kalidrax, the undead white drgon who sought the aid of Gazardath's demonic army. In exchange for the Sphere Of Winter, which had fallen into Kalidrax's posession, Gazardath agreed.

Froreheim is located in Argusund

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen