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Remote and isolated forest of Tel-Faenanil

The Edenshire is a place of untouched natural beauty, isolated from the rest of the world in a valley between the tall mountains of eastern Tel-Faenanil.

It is the home of Maia, an ancient nature spirit and daughter of the Aelari who was uprooted from the Palace Of The Sun upon the death of the elven queen Aesia.

In 3025 AA the Edenshire was invaded by the spider demon Nagaash Chuur and its spawn. Maia became a prisoner of the demon, which slowly fed upon her life energy. Maia and all of the Edenshire was freed from their terrible fate in 3025 AA when the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear defeated the demon and cleared the forest of its horrid influence.

This is the home of the rangers Anwar Fin Jorag and Horus, retired adventurers who have dedicated themselves to defense of Edenshire. As a reward for their a great service Anwar's lifespan is greatly extended by Maia as long as she remains within the forest allowing her to share a longer life with her elven husband.

Edenshire is located in Tel-Faenanil

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen