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Shattered Kingdoms
Humans lands in the shadow of the mighty Atman Empire.
The Scattered Kingdoms were the various human settlements and holdings in the vast expanse of land to the west of Atma. These kingdoms rose and fell in the shadow of Atma, rarely daring to challenge the might of their neighbor.

The term "scattered kingdoms" was originally used derisively in a political speech of the Atman senate, though over the years the term came to occupy a position of officiality. Eventually, even the peoples living in these lands would use this term to refer to themselves.

After the fall of the Atman Empire and the subsequent collapse of the regional civilizations into barbarism, the term "shattered kingdoms" came into general use.

Their kings and regents ruled those lands only as far as they did not interfere with the business of Atma. Amongst all their own wars and intrigues they could never forget that the shadow of the mighty Atman Empire hung over them constantly.

If one of these kingdoms were ever foolish enough to war against Atma they were quickly crushed under the heel of the mighty Atman armies and their war machines. With a few exceptions the Atman Empire had no interest in conquering other lands or expanding its borders, so lands thus conquered would be quickly abandoned and reabsorbed into other neighboring kingdoms.

Regions located within Shattered Kingdoms include Agrathea, Arkhos, Artaios, Aundar, Borea
Shattered Kingdoms is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen