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Long slumbering elder deity of life and nature.
In the beginning of time, when the world was first wrought, the gods fought amongst themselves, vying for power in the realms of mortal men. Each with their own vision of what the world should be. It was in this time that existed L’Antwene, the goddess of life from lifelessness.

It is said that in this beginning, the world was a barren land of deserts and mountains. L’Antwene, seeing promise in the world sought to create. She began with a single Tree, the one from which all other trees were born. Within this Tree, she planted portion of her spirit and it grew. As the Tree blossomed, it soon grew seeds. From these seeds, more were born. Forests grew. Being that the Tree was born of L’Antwene’s spirit, it too sought to create more. So as time passed it began to pass its gifts unto other forms of itself, creating the flowers, the grass and the ferns.

As time passed L’Antwene saw all that had been created and saw the world grow lush and wild. She also saw it grow unbalanced. For the trees required keepers. Thus, the Elves were born. Given her spirit they showed a kinship with all that was nature and worked to protect and cultivate it.

The other gods however took notice of the work, which L’Antwene had done and grew jealous of what she had accomplished. In an effort to make it their own, there was constant strife as the others created their own races and species, seeking to leave their mark. As each god favored their own creations, they sought to provide for them, change the world to suit their needs.

L’Antwene watched as mountains were made and demolished, oceans were dried up only to be moved and became displeased. All that she had created and worked for was being slowly destroyed as the gods themselves fought for power and control. She knew that for balanced to be maintained and for every creature to have its chance, the gods must remain separate forever, leaving men to their own fates. To this end, she called a council of the gods, so that she could make them understand the ramifications of their actions, but the gods remained petty. They refused to understand that with their present, those, which they cared for most, would be destroyed, losing all chance of flourishing.

As time went on, L’Antwene’s patience grew thin. She had warned them that their power was too great, that the world could not survive their fighting. She sought to show them the only way she had left. She would destroy the world herself.

Madness and grief for what might have been overcame L’Antwene, as she called to herself all of the power of the Ourgós, in order to rend the world in two. The other gods, realizing in the last moments, that unless the worked together all they had fought for would be destroyed, banned against her and forced her into a slumber, within the Tree which she first created. Seeing for the first time the folly of their arrogance, it was decided that for all time the realms of the gods and that of men would be separated. It was this event, which we refer to as the Sundering.

A man by the name of Amael, who suffered great loss at the hand of L’Antwene, was given the task of watching over her for all time, as she slumbered within the Tree of Life.

Forever shall she sleep, until the day when the Tear and Shard are one, when her madness has been cleansed. Then may she rest in the eternity of nothingness.

Also known as Lahantwene to many

Alignment: CE
Races who worship L'Antwene are only a few humans and elves
L'Antwene is worshipped in Kharse
L'Antwene is the god of Life From Lifelessness, Disaster, Repentance
Clerical Domains: Creation, Plant, Suffering, Weather
L'Antwene is a member of the Aeonae Anteanus, Elven Pantheon

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Contributor: Drew Butler