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When I was a child, I often 'heard' a voice, guiding my steps, and directing me in my daily life. It was a kind of feeling that I would get, that doing something one way would please the Goddess more than if I did it another. Sometimes, that feeling would manifest as a beautiful female voice that only I could hear. That voice taught me much about Aesia, before I ever joined the church.
The voice faded though, as I grew older. With all the other priests to guide me, I always thought that maybe it had only needed to help me while I was on my own, but now... now I'm begining to get a different idea. Now I'm begining to think that maybe all the instruction and 'guidence' that was given to me by the temple elders simply drowned out the voice, and that I couldn't hear it because they were being too loud.
I've had two visions in the past week. In the first, the Goddess revealed to me a holy quest, and set my feet on the proper path. She spoke of demon gates, portals to Hell, and armies of the damned washing over the world. It is my holy duty to stop this from transpiring.
The second vision was to aid me in finding the first key of the four my companions and I must gather in order to close the portal. Both times, events came true, and the guidence was sound. Aesia guides my steps once more, and I am happy.

From the journal of Aaron Silverpalm

Contributor: Jacob McDonald