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Sea fearing city state of Phocacia
Heprecon is not only the name of the North Eastern island off the shores of Phocacia, but it is also the name of the city state that rules that island.
As an island dwelling people, the Hepreconians have developed the strongest and fastest ships in all of Phocacia, and some say, all the world. Their fleets are unmatched for military power, and unequaled in sophisication and design.
The city it's self is a large sprawling port town. More than half of the city-states population resides in Heprecon, with the rest being mostly farmers. Ironicly, even though they are an island, Heprecon holds more land than any other city state except Larsgo.

Alignment: LN
Inhabitants: Human
Heprecon is located in Phocacia

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald