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Temple Of Light
A place of immortal suffering and incredible healing
After a magical accident at Henom, a place of great suffering, the entire valley, people and all, was transported to the Plane Of Life. Here, in his fortress of silvery mythral, Ryael the immortal pays his pennance by working to heal those who dwell in the valley below; those who have suffered at the hands of Atman magics and have lived for thousands of years thanks to the influence of the Plane Of Life. So grave is their condition that he is only able to heal them one every several dozen years. As he does, he returns them to the material realm.

They wander, displaced in time, in a world strange to them; telling tales of Ryael, ancient Atma, and thousands of years of tormented life which now seem like a distant dream.

Temple Of Light is located in Plane Of Life

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen