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Caer Duhl-Darah
Home to the Dark Oak Druidic Order.
Caer Duhl-Darah (pronounced Du-El-Dar-Ah) was the most prominent center of druidic studies in Sellador. It not only trained its students in the ways of the world around them, but in the secrets of their own self as well.

The monastary itself was built upon the ruins of an older monastary once a member of the church of Aesia proper. The monastary was abandonded and partially destroyed by goblinoids several hundred years ago and never formally reclaimed. The order of the Dark Oak didnt move in as much as develop from the ruins. Never fully repaired, the monastary has since become heavily overgrown, though this suits its druidic residents just fine.

Waning in the shadow of the ever increasing power of the church of Aesia, the druids of the Dark Oak nonetheless held similiar beliefs to the church; the real difference was in the method, and for this reason the order was not as much sustained by the church as a seperate branch of their religion but merely tolerated for their near heretical beliefs.

In 2988, during the wake of the elven attacks on Nuary Port, the more conservative factions of the church gained hold. What followed was a culling of any type of faith or branch of the faith that was seen as deviant. The Dark Oak order was quick to fall to the regimented mercenary armies of the Church and Caer Duhl-Darah was burnt to the ground.

Recommended prestige Classes

Ninja of the Crescent Moon
Red Avenger

Inhabitants: Human
Caer Duhl-Darah is located in Midland

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen