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General Garivus
A powerful leader of the armies of the Atman Empire
Garivus was the name of an intelligent magical weapon weilded by one of the great military leaders of the Atman Empire. During a battle the warrior was killed but not before he placed his weapon, Garivus, into the body of an Atman Golem. The weapon, being intelligent, took control of the golem's body and continued to fight in his former masters name. When the battle was done Garivus was left in control of its new body. The military, recognizing the advantage that such a being could grant them in times of war, allowed Garivus to continue in its new shape.

In the progressive magical society of Atma some intelligent magical items were granted citizenship, and such was the case with Garivus. Indeed, Garivus prooved itself in its ability to formulate strategy and showed a keen cunning unseen in many other warriors. Eventually, as the years passed, Garivus began to advance in rank untill, at the time of the fall of Atma, Garivus posessed the rank of General and was a major force in the politics of the day.

Garivus is shred, intelligent, and ruthless. He understand the importance of the chain of command yet still holds his own agenda. He is a creature of conquest in both military and political matters. He is unfettered by human concerns yet is not without emotion. Though he can appear to compromise he is unyeilding in his own agenda, always working and plotting to gain the upper hand in any encounter. Garivus is the master of his own fate and, given time, would become the master of the fates of others as well.

Alignment: LE
Race: Atman golem
Associated Regions: Atma

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen