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Small Dwarven outpost near Telos Ruins
Karzhak is a small Dwarven settlement about two days' travel from the ruined town of Telos. Established about one hundred years prior to the destruction of Telos, Karzhak fed a brisk iron and mithril trade into the city, but since its destruction the Dwarven settlement has shrunk, leaving a husk of its former bustling sense of industry. Though the veins of iron and mithril are of good quality, there is not enough to support a city the size of Atma alone, and there are much larger deposits being mined in both the Dwarven Quarter of Atma and in Citadel.

Perhaps, if larger stores of iron or mithril are found, or more precious metals located, the tiny outpost will begin a return to prominence....

Inhabitants: Dwarf
Associated regions include Telos Ruins
Karzhak is located in Atman Empire, Artaios

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz