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The tree goddess of Fairbough
Diosciea, though a goddess, does not much concern herself with the happenings of the world outside of her village of Fairbough. Diosciea Takes the form of a mighty tree in the center of town, its roots circling around the town's main well. In exchange for her protection, good health, and plentiful crops, the people of Fairbough give Diosciea their devotion and care, singing songs to her and sharing the joy of their lives with her.

To the people of Fairbough the goddess is a member of their family, though they still treat her with great respect and reverence. They understand that Diosciea is the heart of their village.

Newborn children are taken to Diosciea to be blessed on the day of their naming. Additionally, the goddess is celebrated at the end of the first week of the harvest season with a great feast in which the entire village contributes and partakes in the meal. On this day the tree is adorned with garlands, gords, and vibrantly painted decorations.

The chosen weapon of Diosciea is the warhammer.

Races who worship Diosciea are Human
Diosciea is the god of Fairbough, Family, Life, Shelter
Clerical Domains: Community, Plant, Protection

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen