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An unusual stop along the roads of Aljadahn

Along the road from El-Alahd to the trade city of Omara once exsited a city that catered to the travelling merchant class. A busy market city in its own right, Khayat grew thanks to a steady stream of travelers and weary caravans.

Unique to Khayat was its administration: the entire city was run by Goblins who had managed to carve out a homeland in the hills and mountains to the south. Always resourceful, the Goblins saw an opportunity to benefit from the many people bearing wealth between the capital city and the port town. One enterprising goblin, whose name is now lost to the sands of time, constructed a waystop for wearly travellers. What began as an Inn became a bustling city full of exotic riches where the goblins, seeminly subserviant to their road weary guests, secrety grew rich and prospered.

In the years after the destruction of Omara and the fall of the Atman Empire the ammount of trade along the road to El-Alahd decreased dramatically. Eventually the bustling city shrank from a thriving marketplace to a series of stalls, from busy workshops to empty warehouses, and finally, back into an idea and distant legend.

It is said to this day that the wealth of Khayat is hidden away in the mountains of Krar-Ek, though in three thousand years no goblin has yet to find it.

Inhabitants: Goblin, Desert
Khayat is located in Aljahdahn

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen