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Dunthin Grandhorn II
Opulent King of the Dwarves
King Dunthin Grandhorn, or Grandhorn the Extravagant where he can't hear, was king of the Dwarven people during Atma's golden years. Though a fierce and stalwart fighter in his day, he is now getting on in years, and in that time, some have said he is going soft.

He has apparently forsaken the rather austere life followed by most Dwarves, in his old age. Though he is king, it is generally not agreed upon as proper for a ridiculously expensive throne, consisting of blackwood, adamantine, and platinum to be construced in honor of a king, nor for a mural in his name, to be made from seashells taken from the Curmean desert.

He is generally considered a likable eccentric.

Alignment: LN
Race: Dwarf
Associated Regions: Citadel

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz