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God Damn Shaddow Elves
Found a spy looking for the Eternity Glass, whatever that is...
King Dunthin Grandhorn II,

Well I'm sorry for the tardiness, came across a Shaddow Elf I did. He came in to the Dragons Head Tavern on our second night here. I was pretty outraged at first but then thought better of it and instead challenged him to a feast of many blessings to see what I could learn. He blathered on and on about battle tactics used against us durring the war of Antras Min. It appears we faced each other on the feild of battle before and I felled some of his mates on the shores of that gigantic lake in the belly of citadels Underdark. I have earned his trust and intend to exploit this situation to the fullest and bring him to see you if I can. This Eternity Glass must be rather important to bring these critons from the foulest places in the belly of Geas. I know it's ancient by Elven standards and very important to the shaddow elves to obtaine. I know that I am in direct disobediance of orders and I hope you can forgive me. I can not help the notion of my duty to my fallen brothers to defeat the Shaddow Elves and this could prove really important.

I also witnessed today a parade of the Atman millitary led by General Garivus who had just defeated an "amry of barbarian marauders" who attacked Atma. What a crock of shite that is. Barbarians might be barbarians but their not with out reason and that would be suicide even for 20,000 strong. I think Atma just took new land from these people because it's constantly expanding, getting bigger. Why else would you have an inteligent eight foot tall adamantine gollum Lead your army of death dealers! Quite a sight but rather despicable if you ask me. Takin these people off their land so they can be inslaved to expand Atma over it.

Tommorrow we will meet with the city guardsmen about what we saw. Until I see please know that your package is safe, as long as it is in my hands no ones eyes shall fall upon but yours.

Your Faithful Servant,

Seargent Grimgore Axehand

Associated Regions: Atma, Citadel
From the journal of Grimgore Axehand

Contributor: Evan Menz